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Cashing Out

Selling Condominium, Buying HDB

Mr Chee and Mrs Chee are both 65 years old retirees.

They have been staying in a 3 Bedroom condominium around Hillview Area for 20 years.

Their children have married and moved out of their unit and they don’t require such a huge space.

The Chees are thinking of staying somewhere around Bukit Panjang area where it is nearer to their children’s place.


Their Private Property Finances are:

  • Current market value: $ 1,500,000

  • CPF OA + Accrued Interest: $700,000

  • Housing loan : $0  (Fully paid)

  • $300,000 in their CPF OA account. 

Selling Private Property

Cashing out sales.PNG


  • Agent fees and legal fees can be deducted directly from the sales proceeds.

  • Misc fee such as moving house is not included

Buying a HDB

For their next purchase, The Chee's decided to not take any CPF or loans

They found a HDB 5 Room flat at Bukit Panjang and decided to buy there. The 5 room HDB is bought for approximately $500,000. 

Buying HDB.PNG

From cashing out their Private condominium and moving to a HDB, The Chee's have approximately $250,000 extra Cash in hands. Not only that, they are able to unlock $700,000 from their CPF!

With $700,000 CPF returned their property and another $300,000 from their CPF account, Mr Chee and Mrs Chee will have around $500,000 CPF each

For $500,000 each in your CPF Funds, you can unlock a passive payout of MORE THAN $2,300 a month. 

CPF Payout.PNG



Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Every cases is different, a tailor made report will be given to assist you to make the best informed decision.

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